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July 18, 2008


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Hi Heather,

This is wonderful! If I don't get a free one, I will definitely contact you. I've been meaning to start a blog, but just haven't had the time. Thanks! Laura

Lisa Anne Crispi

Heather, This is amazing! I'd love all the help I can get!If I'm not the 5th then a long as I can come read and get some tips it will be worth it!
Thanks, Lisa Anne Crispi

Ann Kloentrup

Heather, I've been watching for this. I have been working on my blog for a while I'm just not a computer savvy person. I could sure use some help. I would love more information on setting up my blog. Thanks for sharing with us here at SUSOL all your great ideas on you blog.


Judy Elting

Hi Heather, I would love more information about setting up a blog. I'm just now in the process of setting up my SU DBWS and a blog is the next step! Hope I'm in the first five!!, but if not, I'd be very interested in hearing more.!!

Thanks! Judy

Carol Matthews

Am I really number 5? This is a super site. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

Dayanna Donng


I would be so appreciative of this service that you are providing. We never have all the time to do all the things we want and having your services to assist with blog set-up would be perfect for me!

Am looking forward to having your expertise in this area.


judy caban

Hi Heather,
I really the help to get started. i'm hoping to get a FREE Blog developed by you. Thank you!!
Judy Caban

Laura Pertot

Hi Heather,
I am so glad you have launched this service!! I hope it is very successful for you. Thanks for running the contest! Crossing my fingers that I win a blog set-up, but if not I'll be in touch anyway!

judy caban

Heather, love your site!! Lord knows i need the help. I hope to be working with you soon! Good luck with your new service.


Elizabeth Sloman

WOW - you do amazing work Heather - so this is exciting to me! Sounds like an EXCELLENT way to share your skills with those of us less fortunate in our computing skills LOL!
I'd love to have your work for my blog!!!!

Heather Wright-Porto (Blogs By Heather)

The FREE Blog Setup will include:

1) A beautifully and professionally designed Blog Banner (designed by Michelle Laycock of Laycock Designs,

2) Color Scheme Setup

3) Sidebar Items (Widgets, such as Lists, and Catalog Images and Links)

4) Setting up your blog with Blogger or Typepad (Blogger is free while with Typepad you will incur additional monthly, affordable costs).

Lastly, I can register a domain name that will map or point to your new blog, however that is an additional cost to you - you pay for the registration fees associated with registering the desired domain name.

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