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January 08, 2009


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Elizabeth, OhioThoughts

Finally! I have been trying to do this for a couple weeks, read many many blogs and instructions.
This is so easy! Thanks so much.


Thank you tremendously!!!!!!!!!

hp hillary

after post the link on my blog i want visitors of my blog to able to download the document without being asked to put their pasword or any registeration is this possible please help me on this.


Thanks for this tutorial! So helpful.


Awesome! Thanks so much.


I am having the same problem as sicelo.. My visitors cant access the documents if they dun have google account.. Is there anyother way to make it possible?


Heather, thank you so much! I have an ebook that I want to make available to the public for free download and was stymied at how to get a URL for it. I think this has solved my problem.


Thank you!


Nice article but visitors of my blog cannot access the pdf if they don't have a google account which is not nice. Is there a way to avoid this?

Tara Whimsy

You are beautiful. Thank you for the information. It was quick and easy to follow.


very useful.


Heather, thank you so much for posting this. It was VERY helpful. =)


Thank you. That was so helpful!
I did it and now wonder how some bloggers display their document, as well.

How can I show what the document looks like if I want to do that?

Thanks again!


Thank you! Very helpful!

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Donald!
Nope, you do not have to check!
Have a great weekend,
Heather :D

Donal Keegan

Excellent tutorial. Do you know if you have to tick the box to convert to google docs format when you upload a PDF? Does it matter? Thank you
The Auto Enthusiast

Heather Wright-Porto

You may instead have a blue word/link that says "Link". Give that a try.
Keep me posted :D


I do not have the paper clip on the new blogger, April 2012.


Thanks so much for this! This is way more simple than I had expected.

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Lisa!
Yes, when you click the Upload button, a screen should appear that lets you select a file to upload from your computer to Google Docs.

If that screen doesn't pop-up…do you have your Pop-up Blocker on? Or try holding down the CTRL key when clicking the Upload button.

Keep me posted…
Heather :D

Lica Nemes

YOU SAID. "From the main screen, click the UPLOAD button. Then a screen below will appear:"
THERE IN NO screen ! Nothing appears ! can u help? thank you/


Thank you soooo much Heather!! I have been trying so hard to get pdf's onto my blog for this thing I am doing (I am still working on it) and I had no idea how to link the pdf to the blog. This tutorial helped heaps and cleared up so much!

baz carter

Hi Heather, I kinda guess that I'd need to use Google Docs but wasnt sure how. Question is how do I add this download function to a side bar? Thanks, Baz

Larry Christenson

This is awesome info, thanks!
Heather, great work, so much here.


thank you so much for this post! just what i needed

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