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January 08, 2009


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I just used this tutorial to add a printable on my blog! Thank you it was very helpful!


Thanks ! Didn't know how to do this (merci merci merci... Yes, it's a french guy speaking)


Thanks Heather. Your instructions on how to upload a PDF or Word doc as a link in a Blogger page were perfect. So easy, clear and concise.


ugh. seriously, THANK YOU. been searching all day and you were the first one that made it clear and fast enough to help me:)


Thank you so much! I needed to know how to link up a PDF or word document to my blog post. PERFECT!!


Thank you so much!


Heather, thank you SO MUCH for this information - you have made my life so much easier!


Thanks for the information!

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Fernanda!

You can use these tools to help track visitor activity on a given page:

Heather :D


Hi Heather,

I would like to know if is possible to count the number of download from post or page.
So we could know if people are interested or not

thanks in advance!


Heather, what version of blogger do you have? My blogger toolbar doesn't have that clipboard button you mentioned above.


You are great!! It worked! Many Thanks!!

Heather Wright-Porto

You can. You have to switch to HTML view and look for the HTML code similar to ….
and in this line put target=_blank.

such as


Thanks... it worked! I'm wondering how could we do to open a new window in order to view de pdf so my blog window still open.
You are really helpful!


Thank you, I always wanted to know how to do that!!!

I will definitely follow you!



Thanks alot this is what i have been looking fro. It worked well


Great post just what I was looking for.

The Scrapbooking Housewife

Just what I was looking for!! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)

Queen of the House

Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what I needed! :)


Following on from this - I want to be able to link to word docs in my blog which people can click on to open up and edit - but not online - does that make sense and is it possible?
As far as I can see using google docs only allows for online editing meaning that lots of people contribute to one document, whereas I want them to be able to download their own versio? Can anyone help?

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thanks so much, you are a lifesaver! (well, time get the point) :D Have a great day!


Thank you for the very useful information! I had to give links to pdf files in my blog and your method worked. However, I find that the document is available to only those who have gmail accounts and can retrieve the document after signing in to their accounts :( I wonder what I can do for people who do not have gmail account. Any advice would be welcome!

The Crafty Librarian

Thanks, Heather. This has proven really helpful. I hope to use this function to help formulate part of my Professional E-portfolio. You're a star!


Your site has been such a help to me this week while setting up a site for a parent organization! Just wanted to say Thanks!

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