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April 09, 2009


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Thank you so much! I use blogger and your instructions were perfect! That was easier than I thought it would be!!


Thank you for this tutorial, it seems very useful. Unfortunately it no longer works on Wordpress, any words of advice? I'm having trouble with other URL codes too, like buttons from other blogs.


That was so easy and useful, Thanks. Much appreciated x x x


Thank you so much for this :) Easy to follow instructions

chrissa megapanoy

thanks you verry mach


Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I now have a widget for my Etsy shop on my blog's homepage.



Thank you so much for this post!Very helpful!


Thank you for this information. I'm new to the blog world and every little tip really helps!


Jenna DeSantis


This is great and easy to follow!

Thanks a million for your help :-)


Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Rebecca!
If it's a (free WordPress site), then it will not work if there is JavaScript. Are you using the free WordPress? If so, you may have to instead use an Etsy image badge and link directly to your Etsy site. Keep me posted :D


Help. I followed the wordpress directions exactly and it is not working on my blog. Any suggestions?

Angie Hutcherson

Heather you are a lifesaver!!


Thank you! Wish I had found this before I wasted an hour trying to do it on my own :)


Ahh... thanks so much for sharing this information. It'll come in handy when I want to add Etsy to any new blog I have, regardless of the blog platform I choose.


Thank you so much for your help! Your advice was easy to follow and worked like a charm! All the best!

Better Betty

That you so much!
Right to point!


Thank-you so much for this, I wouldn't have figured it out by myself.


Thanks Heather, I did it from your notes in 5 mins. Very straight forward. Thanks again

Heather Wright-Porto

In Blogger, you have to go to Design, then Page Elements and then Add A Gadget. Then you will see HTML/JavaScript.

maybe you are using the new blogger interface?

Then go to your Blog, then on the left choose Layout. Then you can add a gadget there. And choose the HTML/JavaScript.

This is for your sidebar…not to be put in a post or page.

let me know if you still have any problems…
Heather :D


Your instructions are SO easy, but they aren't working. I'm on Blogger and it's not giving me an option to add as HTML, when I try to add Gadget and then Add my own, it only gives me a space to link by URL, which it won't like to my Etsy page. I would appreciate your help.


Melissa McAllister

Thanks so much for this post. Can't believe how easy you made it. :D


Thank you so much for this very easy to read and do tutorial. I had tried someone else's directions and couldn't get my mini Etsy to show up. Your directions were simple and quick and its on my blog in less than 3 minutes… literally.


THANK YOU! this was super easy to understand and very straightforward :)


Thank you so much! Very helpful and clear and easy to understand. :)


Thanks so much for the simple and excellent instructions! It saved me so much time trying to figure it all out.

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