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February 06, 2010


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Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Kelli!
You can (in a way). Go to Edit Posts, then Edit Pages, and then open the desired page for editing. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, and then insert a picture and/or write additional text at the bottom, then Publish.
Or, you can create a new page and then from the SU Happenings page, link to the new page for more information. Make sense?

Kelli B.

Is there a way to add posts to my 2nd page? I have a 2nd page for SU happenings and I wanted to add some posts into there. Is there an easy way to do this?

HELP! Thank you!

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Ashley!
You are correct. Basically Pages and Posts are not the same thing. Posts show up in your main blog area and your subscribers get notified when you post. Pages are normally use for sharing information with your customers about you, services you offer, Clubs you are running, or to create a store page (for selling items with paypal buttons) for example. You can have a lot of information on a page, but it isn't posting.

When you add pages, you can choose to have the Pages show in your nav bar area or in your sidebar (or not at all where I would not advise this option to start with).

Let me know if you still have trouble.
heather :D


Heather, I have set up a new page, but how do you post on that page.? Does everything have to be on one post? If not then how do you have multiple posts on the new pages? Every time I try to post to it it goes on my main page. It is probably easy, I just have not figured it out yet. Thanks for any help:)


Cool!! I'm gonna try it!! tfs!=)

Adriana B

Thank you for relaying the news and telling us how to activate it. I truly appreciate your help!


This is great!! Thanks so much for sharing this. I was just about to consider moving my blog because I wanted the page option and now I don't have to! Thanks.

Heather Wright-Porto

I haven't tested this yet, but you may able to if you switch to Edit HTML while in the Page creation window. Switch over to HTML and add the META tag HTML there, then switch back and continue your page.

Michelle T.

Heather, can we add meta data to our blogger pages?

Heather Wright-Porto

What this means is you can now have something like I have here in my Typepad blog. Look in the upper left area of my sidebar, it says "Pages". If you click on them, each of these "pages" contain information about each of the services I offer, some include paypal buttons as well. These "pages" are separate from the "posts" you see in the main column here.

For Blogger users now, you can have a separate "pages" area now where you can also setup a page for each service you may offer, setup up page to describe different Clubs you have or Ribbon/Products shares, as well as setup a page for Tutorials or Card Kits you may sell. This way you can have them all in one spot, on page, instead of spread over many posts.

For example, look at my Blog Store Setup page ( NOtice the very different ways of setting up with Typepad vs. Blogger. NOW, BLOGGER is JUST LIKE Typepad in this way (and I have to soon update my page to reflect the new feature in Blogger). But before I do....go check it out so you can see the differences and how hard it used to be in Blogger to setup a store, where now it is as easy as it is for Typepad users.

Contact me again if you have more questions :D


I am confused as well..

Amber Meadows

Hallelujah! It's about time!!

Sally Johnson

This is fabulous can't wait tp try it.


oh wow that's so awesome..i'm super excited..been waiting for the day when they'd add this feature..thanks for the heads up

Heather Wright-Porto

If you cannot "drag" it to the top, then use this code to allow more "gadgets" at the top:

• Login to Blogger.
• From the Dashboard, click on Layout.
• Go to the Edit HTML tab.
• Scroll thru the HTML code, towards the bottom, looking for the HEADER WRAPPER code:

• Where you should enter a 2 or greater for maxwidgets....I used 2.
• Then change 'no' to 'yes' for showaddelement.
• Then click SAVE TEMPLATE button.

Heather Wright-Porto

For example, take this blog, a typepad blog and look at the list of services on the upper left. These are called "pages", separate from "posts". To accomplish this type of function in Blogger, what you would have to do is create a separate or multiple Blogger blogs that "looked" alike (same design and overall layout). So you'd have to maintain 2 or more blogs like


and so on.

It is just a wonderful tool.

If you tell me a little bit more about your business, if you are or are not a SU demonstrator, I can try and help you and explain using an example in your line of work.


I'm so confused, LOL. What does this mean for me, the lowly blogger?! :)

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