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October 04, 2011


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Hello, my IE users are having an issue accessing the password protected newsletter tab I created using the script above. IE users are not prompted for a password, the tab is simply blank. I used Firefox when editing the script and am prompted for the password whenever I select the tab. Can anyone explain why this occurs or a possible work-around? Thank you.



How do I add a nice comments box like yours on blogger? :)

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Bebica!
Yes. do you have TypePad, Wordpress or Blogger. IN TypePad its under settings and then you can set a password for the blog, but then its for "everyone". Same with WordPress..its under Settings. However, you can password Protect a "page" as well instead of the entire blog. In blogger the process is harder and involves code. Let me know :D


Hey,can you tell me how to allow someone,who doesn't have a blog to see mine but with a password? VERY IMPORANT!! PLEASE HELP!


This was awesome! Thank you for posting!!

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Kivonne!!!

Hidden pages can be different things.
A hidden page can be one that is Published normally on your blog but just not publicized or reference in any way other than maybe a link to it from your newsletter. Meaning it is public and published but everyone is not aware of it. So it is basically "hidden" because it is not publicized.

Then there are password protected pages that are "hidden" because someone cannot "see" it unless they have the password. Many use this type of "hidden" pages for their downline information.

Regarding Pinterest, yes you can pin your won artwork but you are supposed to pin other's as well :D :D :D


So Heather...what you are saying in these hidden pages are...that worpress has a button you can use as private...this is a post you already have written? In order to get to those hidden have to have a password? Is that right?

On Pinterest...can we put our own cards on that site???

Hope you got the message about me changing from mailchimp to aweber. Thank you. kt

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Dawn!

NO…blog subscribers are not updated when you create or edit pages. Only when you "post" to your blog. :D


Thank you Heather. I've enjoyed this series of posts and you have answered a lot of questions that I have.

I have one more question. How do the feeds handle a post like the one described above. Does it show up in google reader? I know you'd have to enter the password to see the whole page, but would the post title or anything show up. (hoping the answer is no.)

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