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March 26, 2014


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I forgot to mention - the code above will hide the text version of the blog title and description. We don't recommend commenting it out in the blog settings - using CSS is better from a SEO perspective. Thanks again!


Thank you for letting your readers know about our new design! A lot of work went into it and a lot of great new themes will be built on it!

We're going to be posting a full tutorial on adding a banner to this theme on Everything Typepad - there's some extra code that needs to be including to make sure everything scales properly at smaller screen sizes.

It looks like this:

.container .jumbotron { padding: 0; }
.jumbotron { padding: 0; margin-top: 15px; }
.jumbotron h1 { margin: 0; }
.jumbotron h2 { display: none; }

.jumbotron h1 a
background: url(banner.jpg) center top no-repeat;
background-size: contain;
display: block;
left: 0;
top: 0;
height: 200px;
width: 100%;
text-indent: -1000em;
min-width: 320px;

/* Extra Small */
@media (max-width: 768px) {
.jumbotron { height: 90px; }

/* Small */
@media (min-width: 768px) {
.jumbotron { height: 140px; }

/* Medium */
@media (min-width: 992px) {
.jumbotron { height: 180px; }

/* Large */
@media (min-width: 1200px) {
.jumbotron { height: 200px; }

That tells the screen to scale the height down based on the width. Start with the Large - that's the height of the banner image at its starting point. Then it should progressively get smaller, using about the same changes I included in the code.

We'll have that and more tips on Everything Typepad soon!

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