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July 29, 2009


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Hello thanks for all your help I am working on a navigation bar can the links go beside each other and if so what do I add, or change in my code

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Bekah!
What you could do is upload your pictures to Photobucket. Go to its free. create a new ablum and upload all your pictures there. You will then see a place to get the HTML/URL for that album. You would then copy and paste that URL into your navigational bar. Then when a visitor clicks on it, it will go to your album.

If you are using blogger, you can also do this with Picasa Web Albums... Login using your blogger acct information. Create a new album, upload pics..then on the right you can see "link to this album". Get the URL there and again use that URL in your navigational bar.

Email me if you need more help.
Heather :D

Heather Wright-Porto

Renee, if you are still haveing a problem let me know. But in the header section you can do "Drag and Drop" just like you do in your sidebar.

if it is still not allowing it, maybe you forgot to change one of the properties....
lock="true" you must change to lock="false". That may be the problem if it appears locked in place.

email me if you continue to have problems.
Heather :D

Jill Hilliard

Thanks Heather. I sat down to FINALLY add this to my blog and your instructions are FAB. I appreciate all of your help!


I had same problem , what I did was drag it above blog post, then drug under header.
My problem is It ends up IN my header banner :( any suggestions?


Mine is above Blog Header and I cant get it below it :( HELP lol


Hi I have a do I get the text links? Say I want to have a navigational bar link that says Pictures, how do I get the text link for that? Do I upload all the pictures I would like in a post, then publish it, then get the url for that, and then delete the post? Help, please :) Thanks, if you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them. :)



Thanks Heather this is something I have been trying to add to my blog for a long time. I've had first time success thanks to your excellent instructions.

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Sharon!
If you go into Layout. Then you can click on the main banner gadget and "drag and drop" it above the new HTML/JavaScript gadget. Then click SAVE to save the new layout changes - the ordering of the gadgets. Then view your blog and it should be OK. Let me know.
Heather :D


Hi Heather,
Thank you so much for all you do. I tried the code modification above and my "Add a Gadget" ended up above my Header/Banner!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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