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March 28, 2012


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Chloe Kusuma

hi is it possible to write an else if command?
This is what I did:

but it didnt work (urls and passwords are fake)

please help me!!!


Hello. I pasted your code and managed to get the pop up password. But after entering the password, the password pop up again repeatedly, and I couldn't get into the blog. Any idea why this could be happening?

Gopi Nath

Thank. This is awesome

Blogs By Heather

Hi there!
In addition to putting the code in a Widget in the sidebar…you probably also copied/pasted code into a "page" on your blog that you wanted password protected….it is that page you need to Edit HTML and you probably pasted the code near the top….if you copy/paste the URL here I can look :D
Heather :D


Hello, my husband and I used your instructions to add a password to a blogger site that we were building. It worked perfectly, so thank-you for that. But now we would like to remove the password and make it fully open. We have deleted the widget but something appears to have been altered in the code as the password pop-up window is still showing up.

Help, please!!

electric bike

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Evgeny Masibut

Correction: that WAS the only way to protect your content in Blogger. I didn't like it, as, in fact, your password is stored in plain text and anybody can see it (as well as protected link). So I wrote a widget that hides everything properly and you will never get access to content if you do not have password.
More details on the widget:
And the widget page:


This method is good to protect page or post in blogger. But I don't know why when I protect the post, it also protect my home page of blog. Could you help me and send solution to my email.


Hi There, I have the same question as many of the ones above but didn't see an answer: how to I get the password prompt to cancel? There is an option but it won't allow me to actually cancel my request. Additionally, I can't go to any other page. It just stays on the loop of asking me for a password. I appreciate your suggestions in this matter. Thank you

Ann Burr

Hi Heather! Thank you SO much for this info! I am sorry to bother you for more help, but I'm have the same issue as some of the other commenters - instead of only having to enter the password once, it's making people have to enter it for every page, and to comment. Is there a way that readers can only have to enter the password once to view the entire blog and leave comments? Thanks in advance for any advice :)


Ann Burr

Hi Heather! Thanks so much for this :) I was able to password protect my Blogger blog. But for some reason, when you try and comment you have to enter the password again - is there a way to stop that? Thanks in advance for any advice.


android messaging

I love this post very much.please keep sharing of knowledges with us.


HI Heather,
My friend has password protected her blog and shared her password with me. Unfortunately, every time I open Safari, a javascript box opens asking "Please enter the password..." whether or not I am visiting the blogspot or not. It is annoying. Can you tell me how to make the errant pop up go away? Thanks!


Hi Heather, also I noticed that with with the Explorer and Chrome browsers, hitting the 'cancel' button still prevented you from accessing the blog, but with Mozilla Firefox, hitting the cancel button still allowed you to access the pages. Is there a work around for this? Thanks!


Hi Heather - I was wondering how we can enable the pop up box to appear just once instead of each time another page is accessed on the blog?


I am being told that if our blog is opened on a mobile device the password is not needed. Any advice?


Hi Heather, I did all the steps but for some reason the password protection is not showing up.


Hi Heather,
I love the simplicity of your password code. I am not tech savvy at all and was able to use. Your directions are very clear as well. However, I am having the problem of having to enter the password every time you go to a new page. I had noticed that others were having this problem, you had said that you'd look to see if there was any way javascript would would be able to only ask once. I was wondering if you had found a way? Thank you for helping us simple minded tech users. =)


Dear Heather!
I' am using blogger with Dynamic Views i did all the step , but the password box wont pop up


is there a way to redirect to home page if they put the wrong password? it just stays there foreever in a loop in this script.


Rui Silva

My blog is:


Im looking to protect just one page of my blog but this method doesn't work for me on blogger, what should I do? is the code right? single quote or double quote?
Im not stupid I've just done what u said


Heather is it possible for me to have hidden or asterix characters when typing password, i would really appreciate it if you could figure something out

Heather Wright-Porto

I would move the post information to a new page and go from there. Since a post is on a page consisting of several posts, it will prompt for the page.

Heather :D

Heather Wright-Porto

So i would frequently change the password :D

Heather Wright-Porto

After doing further testing…it is possible. So you want to use this method with caution, but it's the only available option in Blogger to protect a page using JavaScript.

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