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April 23, 2012


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thanks so much i really love your toturial


Thank you!


I had avoided installing Google Analytics for months, as last time I Googled how to do it sounded way too complicated to bother with! However this was so easy and simple, and I'm so happy I found this site! Thanks so much!


Thanks for the great tutorial! It was simple and easy to follow. I had GA installed in no time.

Love Angels

Thanks very much this post is very informative i have implemeted it on my Love Angels Blogs!!!


Thank you very much for the tutorial.
Is it need to edit html code after type in the analytics code?

Heather Wright-Porto

I like sitemeter but Google Analytics can give more info about the referring sites, tracks page views and counts visits. here are some other tools too:

It's good to use many different tracking tools as they all provide similar but different information :D

Heather :D


Hi, Followed your instructions about adding the code in the html section. But after I did that and checked a preview
I'm getting this under my Recent Post and Followers sections a message that says: "We're sorry...unable to handle your request...."
Did I do something wrong...Does the code have to be there? Thanks


Thanks, I found this incredibly useful.

Josh Rachlis

And yet, Google Analytics seems to provide just general stats, not a record of each visit, where it was from and how they got there. Site Meter still seems a better bet for that. And I see you have a Site Meter on this very blog! So maybe you agree?


Hi, This is awesome! Thank you. I entered my UA code and was not prompted to enter the tracking code, that requires an edit to HTML so am I done? I couldn't ever find my tracking code anyway... so I hope this is it.

Dani Sue

Ugh...still unable to install google analytics. You would think it wouldn't be so hard considering I'm using blogger.


Thank you so much! Your tutorial just made my day easier!


thank you for this! i wasted so much time trying to figure this out already.

Jaime @ Crochet Dynamite

Thank you so much! This would have been impossible to set up without your help. You are so awesome!!!
xo Jaime


Thank you very much :)

Heather Wright-Porto

Happy Mommy Adventures
Did you also put in the "code" in the Edit HTML and click Save?
Did you refresh the Google Analytics page.
Are you still experiencing problems?

Happy Mommy Adventures

I followed and did everything right but it still says "Tracking Not Installed"

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Vlad!
I just updated this article so you should be good to go with where and how to add the "code" so your tracking in Google Analytics can work :D

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi Kendall and Vlad!
Although for some you no longer need to add the "code", I have updated this article again to include instructions on adding the HTML code to your template (Edit HTML) so it should now work for you! Keep me posted,
heather :D

Heather Wright-Porto

Hi "Frustrated in GA". I have updated this article again so it includes the tracking code and where it need to be inserted. Best wishes, Heather :D


I did what you said in the instructions, but it says "The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website's home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website." What should I do?


I followed the instructions but it's still saying "Tracking Not Installed". Any ideas?

Lisa Spivey

Thank you again Heather! Your instructions are clear and concise and always work great.

Frustrated with GA

I think I did something wrong. I was trying the old way of copying the code into each blog then deleted that because I found your instructions. Tried that now the Tracking Status keeps saying not complete and that I have to copy the code on each page.

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